A Day At The Pool

pool time


Sun is hot above
Children squealing, Moms yelling
Don’t forget sunblock!

Marco, where are you?
Polo, I’m coming for you
Hey, Do I know you?

Who can jump farther?
I know I can, come with me
Let’s do that again!

Refresh with a dip
I must get away from these
Splashing, screaming kids!

I smell cocoanut
Holding noses, Holding hands
I’m chasing ripples

And there is no sand
To get in my hair and suit
Just cool, clear water


May Flies…A Summer Staple

If you go to the River…Beware the flies!

Our river property is located in Charles City and Charles City is famous for plantations, presidents, pine trees….and freaking mayflies!!!! O M G…there can’t be a peskier creature on earth! I don’t know how long they’ve been here…but as long as I can remember they arrive prior to the summer solstice and stay till the days grow short and the temperatures are cooler…that is, except in Charles City.

I decided to do some research about the May Fly and found the image below among some others. However, none of the images I found resemble the fly that inhabits Charles City.  It looks closely like a conventional house fly but the wings are a little different and it’s more brown than black.  But first, let me give credit where credit is due and say that for more information about the May Fly, you can visit…

So what exactly is this creature that is so small but causes so much anguish for the entire summer?  I have more questions than answers but intend to gather as much information as possible before summer’s end.  The research indicates that they don’t bite and have a relatively short life span…and that certainly does not describe the flying, biting, swarming critter buzzing around Charles City waiting for something warm to feast upon…almost as if we were in Forks (for those Twilight Fans out there)!  Last weekend while picking blackberries, I was up close and personal with these little buggers and have my own tale of woe. From my own experience, I know that:

  1. They thrive upland.
  2. They bite the hell out of whatever they land on.
  3. They don’t like hats or Bounce sheets hanging out the back of a hat.
  4. They swarm around your head.
  5. If you swat at them, it’s all over…they will descend upon you like hyenas to a fresh carcass!! You’re dead meat!!!

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Fourth of July & Blackberries Say Adieu

at river

Let’s Go Honey!

Summer Ritual

We have had more than our share of rain the past month or so but luckily 4th of July week broke the pattern and was gorgeous!  It was hot and sunny with brilliantly blue skies above!  The perfect kind of weather for hanging out on the Chickahominy River… a July 4th staple in our household!  We were lucky enough to spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday lazying about the river…pier hopping, hanging out at Little Beach and Tom’s Beach and generally letting our cares float away!



Pick me if you dare!


Hiding in the brambles

Hand-in-hand with 4th of July is blackberry pickin’ time and our shoreline is riddled with bushes filled with berries and thorns.  It’s a tug of war to see who gets more berries, us or the birds!  Every year, they peak during this holiday and within a few days…they are gone! I surveyed the bedraggled bushes as we drove along in the golf cart heading to the pier.  They were looking quite the worse for wear.  However, through the brambles, I could see clutches of berries ready for pickin’.  Organic berries are expensive and you can’t get much more “organic” than these and I couldn’t let the birds feast on what  was left.

While Danny was readying the boat for our last cruise, I set about with my empty cup gingerly culling berries. Even though the bushes are at the end of their life cycle, the thorns were still thorny!   And it seemed for every berry I could reach, I was pierced over and over by thorns.

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Favorite Deer, Chevelles, Sunsets & Blackberries

A New Captain

Cruising Along

Full of Wonder…

We spent Saturday on the Chickahominy River with my son and his family. We went out in the boat and our nearly 4 year old grandson, Riley was given the privilege of driving the boat…or so we let him think. He is a fanatic for anything with wheels and/or that goes fast. So he sat in my husband’s lap with his little hands on the steering wheel as we cruised along! Seeing life through the eyes of a 4-year old is a delightful treat! Everything has wonder. Life is full of possibility. And where Riley is concerned, there is a never-ending story to be told! Riley gets his glibness from his daddy who gets it from, well both his father and his mother…me thinks.

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