A Happy Me

At My Son’s Wedding

This is me during probably one of THE happiest times in my life…my son’s wedding.  It was a fabulous weekend filled with love & laughter and warm memories. So now that you’ve found me I hope you will stick around for my opinions on current events, family life with a few short stories thrown in!

Typically this is where you glean some information about the Author…Me. I’ve read a lot of “About” pages that sound as if they were written by someone else referring to the author in the 3rd person noting their accomplishments. I decided to write mine in the first person since I’m writing about me…just made more sense.

My Resume

I have been thinking about exactly what to say here…what are my qualifications for being Me? I have been: Wife, Office Manager, Project Manager, Realtor, Property Manager, Civil Clerk, Mother, Historic Shopping Center Manager, Legal Assistant, Entrepreneur, The Boss, Married to the Boss while at the same time Working For The Boss (good story fodder!), Perpetual Student and Last but certainly not the least of these is…Mimi…our affectionate word for grandmother.


My Passions

There are 5 “small” personalities in our family now, my 2 grandchildren Riley and Eli along with Natalie, Alyssa and Madison.  They range from one year to 8 years old and give us a perspective that is like no other.  Viewing the world through the eyes of a child is a precious gift.  I’m grateful for the experience.  I think it makes me a better person…or at least I can strive to be better….different.  I hope that every day that I’m fortunate enough to be on this planet, I can learn one new thing…just one and they play a huge part in that.

I enjoy writing and hope to share some of my stories with you here.  I also have a tactile creative side that needs an outlet so I make greeting cards and do some beading and may have a few items to show you now and then. I’m fairly handy with the camera and am always on a hunt for a great shot…I’m not a “professional” but I keep striving for that great shot and learning as much as I can along the way!  So that’s a little bit about me and if you drop by occasionally you’ll learn a little with each post…story….picture…Life’s a Journey so join me!