A New Captain

Cruising Along

Full of Wonder…

We spent Saturday on the Chickahominy River with my son and his family. We went out in the boat and our nearly 4 year old grandson, Riley was given the privilege of driving the boat…or so we let him think. He is a fanatic for anything with wheels and/or that goes fast. So he sat in my husband’s lap with his little hands on the steering wheel as we cruised along! Seeing life through the eyes of a 4-year old is a delightful treat! Everything has wonder. Life is full of possibility. And where Riley is concerned, there is a never-ending story to be told! Riley gets his glibness from his daddy who gets it from, well both his father and his mother…me thinks.


Come and Pick me Riley

Blackberries & Mysterious Creatures

Our lot on the “chick” is heavily wooded and there’s always a creature or two to see as we drive down the gravel lane which leads to our place. This had been a very busy day for all!   We took a boat ride and ended up at the local marina restaurant for dinner. When we returned we picked blackberries along the shoreline and then watched the sunset from our pier.  Now it was time to say our goodbyes. While my son was helping my husband with the boat, my daughter-in-law, Kelly and I loaded the kids up for the drive home.  My youngest grandson, Eli was restless in his carseat. We were all at the end of a long day and it was way past his bedtime and he was telling us all about it! So we drove down the lane hoping the lull and rhythm of the engine would coax him into closing his eyes. The lane bends and winds its way through a heavily wooded glade and even on a sunny day, there are areas that are occluded and gloomy. Perfect fodder for the imagination of a 4-year old! Just as we reached the end of the lane, we came upon a large deer browsing at the edge of the woods. Riley was enthralled which gave way to a priceless conversation…

  • Riley: See that! See that!
  • Kelly (Riley’s mom): What do you see, Bubba.
  • Riley: a deer momma.
  • Kelly: Wow that’s so cool.
  • Riley: yeah it is because it lives in the forest with many other animals. See it Mimi (Me)?
  • Mimi: Yes Riley. Maybe that’s a momma deer…do you think?
  • Riley: We have to be on the lookout for more creatures….mysterious creatures.  You look on your side and I’ll look over here, Mimi.
  • Kelly & Mimi repeat at the same time: Mysterious creatures!
  • Kelly: what are we looking for Riley.
  • Riley: badgers and bears…
  • Kelly and Mimi: Oh My!
  • Riley: mysterious creatures are all around!

A few minutes later they all drove off heading home with two little sleepy-heads ready for bed! Hubby, Danny and I stopped by neighbors, Oscar and Caroline, to visit before heading home ourselves.  While there I received the following texts from my son.

  • Son: Eli’s sleeping but Riley is talking non-stop of deer, chevelles, sunsets and blackberries.
  • Me: OMG that’s so fabulous!
  • Son: Now he’s talking about mysterious creatures and it’s cheetahs protecting their cubs. And how he protects us because he has huge muscles since he did pull-ups with daddy this morning!
  • Me: That just melts my heart!

I was sitting with Caroline and she looked at me and said…spoken like a true Mimi!