So here we are a day after Dr. Derrick Shepard aka McDreamy departed Grey’s Anatomy in the most heinous and careless way possible…how do you feel Grey’s Fans? Lifting our heads from a pool of salty endless tears with no light in sight…yes that is a start but hardly gets close to the heartbreak of having this beloved character ripped from our weekly Thursday nite ritual. How could Shonda do this to us? I read a tweet last nite after the show aired and she said, “don’t tweet me your craziness”. But she created this craziness. She breathed life into these characters and embedded them into our weekly lives and then endeared them into our hearts…and we are supposed to forgive and forget? REALLY? I don’t think so.
So I am taking action. I have vowed to GIVE UP the Thursday nite ritual filled with Crazy, Twisty, Demented, Scary, Bloody, Dark, Dreary, Depressing, Mind-blowing Freaking Nonsense! I can’t take anymore… no more buses, Shooters in the Hospital, Plane Crashes, not to mention that other show with Assassins, Guns with Silencers, people dead in the street and oh God, I could go on and on. If you’re a fan then you know where I’m coming from. I can’t devote anymore of my life to this so I am choosing to save myself and step into the light and feel the sun on my face and the wind in my hair and look for a rainbow because….it’s only a show and I can choose to TURN IT OFF. I AM DONE.