Deer, Chevelles, Sunsets & Blackberries

Deer, Chevelles, Sunsets & Blackberries

A New Captain

Cruising Along

Full of Wonder…

We spent Saturday on the Chickahominy River with my son and his family. We went out in the boat and our nearly 4 year old grandson, Riley was given the privilege of driving the boat…or so we let him think. He is a fanatic for anything with wheels and/or that goes fast. So he sat in my husband’s lap with his little hands on the steering wheel as we cruised along! Seeing life through the eyes of a 4-year old is a delightful treat! Everything has wonder. Life is full of possibility. And where Riley is concerned, there is a never-ending story to be told! Riley gets his glibness from his daddy who gets it from, well both his father and his mother…me thinks.